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From a carpenter
to a market leader

From Salmtal to the world

1955: The economic miracle is picking up speed. Also doing his part: Nikolaus Meeth. He is a carpenter in Salmtal, not far from Trier. He is pretty good at what he does. A perfectionist when it comes to windows and doors.

Word gets around. And at some point, Meeth is faced with the problem that he can barely keep up with demand. He has to do something. So, in the 1970s, his carpentry business became the window and door manufacturer UNILUX.

Since then, our location has grown significantly. Everything has become more modern, and more professional. And yet Nikolaus Meeth would still feel at home right away. The carpenter’s trade that he exemplified is still alive and well with us today. Only the numbers have got a little bit larger.

In Flensburg, in Garmisch, in Aachen, in Görlitz – and in your area

Quality can’t be bought off the shelf,
but requires a specialist.

That is why UNILUX products are only available from authorized UNILUX specialist companies. There are over 500 spread across the whole of Germany, and there is sure to be one in your area. A wide-ranging exhibition of our products awaits you there. Make up your own mind, and see the quality for yourself.

Your UNILUX specialists will advise you on questions about new builds and renovation. Their knowledge and experience (as well as the UNILUX training program) provide the basis for expert design proposals. They will be happy to show you our wide range of variants live and on-site, based on construction projects that have already been completed.

You are also in the best of hands when it comes to on-schedule, professional installation (including all-round service before and after installation).

The cradle of quality

At UNILUX, quality assurance begins even before a product goes into series production. Thanks to our own test devices, we already carry out shorter and longer term testing during the construction phase. This forms the basis for the development of groundbreaking systems in residential window and door construction.

Before the product is approved for series production, we put it through its paces. Computer-controlled test procedures, which normally go above and beyond statutory requirements, ensure functionality and security over the long term. In addition, independent institutions carry out the toughest material and product tests.

Even after the start of production, we carry out ongoing quality assurance. We take repeated samples while production is underway.

Specialists for the respective material or product group subject these products to rigorous real-life tests which are supplemented by accurate computer simulations. This is the only way to ensure quality – and hence customer satisfaction.

Man and machine

A state-of-the-art, computer-controlled machinery fleet (manufactured by market leading machine tooling companies) requires experienced skilled workers who know how to work with the equipment.

At UNILUX, they come from our own training workshops. This provides us with the certainty that our wood mechanics are already familiar with UNILUX standards for quality and surface finish from their training.

Because only a symbiosis of high technology and master craftsmanship guarantees windows and doors with the highest precision, lowest tolerances and absolute attention to detail.