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Modern balcony and patio doors from UNILUX

Panoramic doors for limitless views and new living spaces

Experience amazing technology in amazing designs. With its oversized glass surfaces, UNILUX opens up unique spatial experiences and impressive views for lovers of discerning architecture.

Every UNILUX product development builds on large-scale wood-aluminum-glass or PVC-glass constructions in the form of balcony and patio doors that all have one thing in common: They remove the boundaries between the interior and exterior, and enable fascinating panoramic views.

Modern UNILUX balcony and patio doors at a glance:

UNILUX lift-and-slide system

A real classic in its optimal form: The UNILUX lift-and-slide system comes in different design and opening variants. Find the system that suits you here, and benefit from an element that transforms difficult pushing into flawless sliding. Simply moving the sashes creates an opening with a width of approximately 3 meters and a height of 2.80 meters.

Choose between our wood & aluminum or PVC & aluminum models.

Design freedom with the Exterior fold-and-slide door

Our Exterior slide-and-fold system is an absolutely practical yet sophisticated development of our own. The product pays attention to numerous significant details. The fold-and-slide door is made of robust wood and aluminum materials.

Simply practical: No need for any annoying moving of flowerpots or other items whenever you open the door, because this balcony door folds outwards. Another advantage: If you open the door after a downpour, for example, the water drains outside automatically – everything inside stays dry.

Big and small: the UNILUX JumboLine panel doors and classic balcony doors

High window elements are becoming increasingly popular. It’s also great if the balcony doors can “grow with you”. While standard balcony doors normally reach up to 2.60 meters, our JumboLine panel doors are available in heights of up to 3 meters. Their durable wood and aluminum materials ensure that the door retains maximum stability. The crucial element here is its solid PowerHinge hinges which have a load bearing capacity of up to 300 kilograms. In addition, an unobtrusive turn limiter prevents the sashes of the large-panel door from swinging excessively.

Important details about balcony and patio doors from UNILUX

More and more people yearn for an undisturbed view of nature. This requires an emphasis on high-quality materials. But what often gets overlooked with these modern glass panels of this size is protection against break-ins and noise, and insulation. UNILUX balcony and patio elements are surefire winners both thanks to their aesthetics as well as to their technical properties. We design our products in accordance with specific requirements down to the last detail. Amazing designs meet amazing technology, naturally made in Germany. This has been a UNILUX guarantee for almost 50 years.

Outstanding quality provides solutions –
UNILUX balcony and patio doors

The technical capabilities required of modern window and door elements are increasing constantly – and our aim is therefore to always stay one step ahead of these requirements. We offer you the panoramic view that you want. Every one of our constructions combines high-quality materials with superlative aesthetics.

With our glass surfaces, we pay particular attention to the protection and security of your home. In the construction of large, modern glass surfaces, the top priorities are optimal soundproofing, outstanding thermal insulation, sun protection and robust intruder protection. You can freely determine the security features that you want, entirely to your specifications. Find out more on the relevant product pages.

Find the right balcony or patio door for your home

Discover great design with UNILUX quality fast, and find your dream door element. We will be glad to help you with your search. You can ask for a non-binding conversation with one of our excellent specialist partners in your area. Allow UNILUX masterful solutions to win you over.