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Install barrier-free balcony doors and threshold-free doors now

No threshold: barrier-free doors

Doors such as patio or balcony doors usually have a frame profile on the floor. This is a significant obstacle to anyone in a wheelchair, or with limited mobility.

The solution? Barrier-free balcony doors. All of our other door types, such as entrance doors, side entrance doors or patio doors, are usually barrier-free as standard. Take a look at our Advice Guide to find out all about threshold-free doors.

Barrier-free doors –
here are the challenges:

A look at your floor will reveal the finer details. The door threshold poses a problem for walkers, wheelchairs and the like. Another point to consider is the width of the door. This needs to be wider in order to accommodate walking aids.

These and other aspects are stipulated in the basic standard for barrier-free construction and planning of DIN 18040. A patio or balcony door is considered barrier-free if it is:

  • Easy to operate
  • The door handle is not too high: ideally at a height of between 85 to 105 centimeters
  • There is no threshold, or alternatively, the door threshold may not exceed two centimeters in height
  • It is wide enough
  • There is sufficient space in front of the door

What is a barrier-free patio door or balcony door with no threshold?

The majority of us want to live independently and without restrictions into old age. Even with physical limitations, your quality of life can still be maintained with support measures. A threshold-free patio door or barrier-free balcony door makes it particularly easy to step outside.

Ideally, a barrier-free patio door should be level with the floor so that there are no hurdles for you to overcome. A threshold-free patio or balcony door should be easy to operate and the door handle should ideally be at the right height for your physical size. If you are in a wheelchair, a barrier-free balcony door should also be wide enough to allow you to pass through easily.

Barrier-free doors make everyday life much easier.

How wide should a barrier-free door be?

A barrier-free balcony door should have a wide opening. It must be possible to pass through this with a wheelchair easily. Its width should therefore be set to at least 90 centimeters. Equally, the height must be taken into account, and be at least 205 centimeters.

How high can a barrier-free door threshold be?

Ideally, a barrier-free patio door should be at ground level and flush with the floor. Depending on the door model and installation conditions, it may not be possible to avoid a threshold, but it must be significantly limited. In accordance with the DIN 18040 standard, the threshold must not exceed a height of two centimeters.

By the way: Optimal sealing must be ensured for door solutions with no threshold whatsoever. When the door is closed, a drop-down seal must ensure that water or drafts cannot get in.

Barrier-free side entrance doors and front doors

As with balcony doors, it is possible to have your front doors and side entrance doors designed the way you want them. You should ensure that the space in front of the door is also level. Replace any steps with a ramp.

Choose your materials and extras

In addition to the DIN standard, aesthetics also play a role. Barrier-free balcony doors can be wonderfully designed. Different designs, colors and materials such as wood & aluminum, wood or PVC are available. It is also possible to incorporate roller shutters or insect protection.

We configure appropriate models based on your wishes. We will be happy to advise you should you need it!

How much do barrier-free balcony and patio doors cost?

The cost of a barrier-free balcony door or a threshold-free patio door will depend on a variety of factors. Price differences can be quite significant, depending on the model. Particular features, such as increased intruder protection, two sashes or accessories such as roller shutters will increase the price.

Roughly speaking, you can expect an approximate cost of between EUR 200 and EUR 2000. This does not include any craftsmen’s costs for the installation.

Get a new barrier-free door with UNILUX now!

The UNILUX brand stands for high-quality door solutions. Our specialist partners deliver and install barrier-free balcony doors, and advise you on wheelchair accessibility.

In Germany, we have specialist door experts in over 500 locations. You will also find a UNILUX specialist partner in your area who will take professional care of the entire implementation.