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The Exterior fold-and-slide door
made from wood and aluminum

For limitless views and new living spaces

Nothing gets in your way here. With the UNILUX Exterior fold-and-slide door, there is no need to move plants or lamps out of the way, because your sashes fold outward. This creates an opening up to 7.70 meters wide and 2.80 meters in height.

A pleasant side-effect: If you open the door after a rain shower, the water drains outside automatically – everything inside stays dry.

Open from end to end

While a glass element is always “in the way” in balcony doors, patio doors and lift-and-slide systems, with the Exterior fold-and-slide door, UNILUX offers you openings up to 7.70 meters wide. And that measurement is actually from one wall to the other.

Discover our variety of folding sliding doors in different styles and colors. To purchase, contact one of our specialist partners.

Exemplary strength

Exterior is a perfect example of the solidity and robustness of UNILUX constructions. As aluminum and wood are used as the support material and cladding respectively, this enables a high degree of rigidity in a single element where everything has to fit perfectly.

Creative freedom

A definite eye-pleaser: With Exterior, you get woods, contours, wood and exterior colors that seamlessly harmonize with the with the UNILUX wood & aluminum window range (also available with heat-insulating triple glazing). Even the exterior handle can be color-coordinated with the exterior color of the element. And with Exterior, you can even get recessed thresholds on request.

Freedom in room design

As the sashes open outward, no clearance is required inside for the unfolding sashes. And as you open the sashes, rainwater doesn’t fall onto the floor, but onto the patio.


Practical if you want to head out in a hurry. Depending on the division of the door elements, the handle can be fitted with a practical latch (in the same color as the outside of the element).

Seamless connection

Depending on the characteristics of the architecture, the sash rollers can be integrated into the floor – providing the basis for a flat floor rail and a flush transition.

Benefit from our high-quality wood & aluminum windows now!

Put your dream window together and enjoy end-to-end service including advice, window delivery, installation and maintenance by one of our specialist partner companies. Find your regional specialist partner now using your postal code or visit one of our UNILUX exhibitions.