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Fascinating views with modern glass surfaces from UNILUX

For a breathtaking panoramic view

Engineering innovations for your
home – glass façades

Impressive glass surfaces with filigree brackets made from wood and aluminum underpin the masterly glass façades in a special design from UNILUX. As true masterpieces, the technical properties satisfy all requirements.

UNILUX presents two excellent glass constructions that will do justice to your sense of comfort. This is because we take great care to ensure that our constructions are developed and manufactured in accordance with the climate conditions, energy input and loss, light exposure, soundproofing and safety. Discover our floor-to-ceiling glass elements now for a breathtaking panoramic view.

UNILUX innovative glass façades:
OpenView and FineLine

the floor-to-ceiling all-glass corner made from wood & aluminum

With our product OpenView, you can look out into the distance – with no intrusive window frame in the corner. Uncompromising design and functionality of this kind allows an unobstructed view to the horizon, fulfilling your architectural visions in which window frames can be done away with. The black strips characteristic of glass corners are barely visible as a concealed joint, since it is optically broken up in the glass. Create tailor-made, high-quality solutions in your home with our large-scale all-glass corners!

FineLine: glass façade
systems made by master craftsmen

With this creation, the name says it all. Our FineLine façade means good looks, quality and sophisticated construction. The product reliably adapts to even the most challenging architectural requirements. The slender yet solid post-and-beam construction is made of solid plywood and protected with a weatherproof aluminum shell. Our glass façade elements ensure an optimal light penetration with absolute stability at all times – even over several floors! Find out more about our glass façades now and be won over by the advantages of our unique glass constructions.

The masterly
glass surfaces in detail

Luxurious glass surfaces that fulfill your requirements and are manufactured tailor-made to your specifications: These are the glass façades from UNILUX.

We use only high-quality materials and sophisticated connection technologies that guarantee the greatest possible stability. Our safety glass with ESG safety seal ensures optimal load distribution – even in large-scale glass constructions. You can also choose from different equipment features. You can decide on both the design of your desired glass constructions and the safety precautions.

You will find an overview of the design possibilities in our catalog. Otherwise, you can get direct advice from one of our qualified UNILUX specialist partners. The easiest way to do this is to use our specialist partner search.