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Large panel doors from UNILUX:

perfect harmony

Balcony doors that grow with you
for limitless vision.

Whether you are a private customer, architect, owner-builder or specialist partner: Find the ideal solutions for your windows at UNILUX. No request is too complex for us. We can advise you on all of your questions and wishes, and deliver the best possible product to you.

UNILUX stands for reliability and quality. Discover our complete range with its master craftsman’s quality and allow PVC entrance doors from UNILUX to convince you!

Windows made from wood, aluminum and much more

Most of our wood & aluminum window frames are made from two materials: high-quality aluminum and first-class wood. The wooden window frame is protected on the outside by an aluminum shell that is particularly robust and durable. As a protective shield against areas of low pressure, it provides maximum protection for your warm and cozy home.

Wood creates a sense of comfort – a real feel-good material. We therefore only use premium wood with natural aesthetics and a flawless wooden surface for our high-quality doors. What’s more: The wood is UV-protected and requires no treatment in the form of coloring pigments.

JumboLine large-surface doors from UNILUX

High window elements are becoming increasingly popular. It’s also great if the balcony doors can “grow with you”.While standard balcony doors normally reach up to 2.60 meters, our JumboLine balcony doors

are available in heights of up to 3 meters.

The crucial element here is its solid PowerHinge hinges which have a load bearing capacity of up to 300 kilograms. The JumboLine is available in all aluminum shell designs, aluminum colors, woods and wood glazes of the standard wood & aluminum window range.

Benefit from our high-quality wood & aluminum windows now!

UNILUX makes the difference: Put your dream window together and enjoy end-to-end service including advice, window delivery, installation and maintenance by one of our specialist partner companies. Find your regional specialist partner now using your postal code or visit one of our UNILUX exhibitions.