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A variety of designs for your PVC windows from UNILUX

Material & shapes

How many different tastes are there? When it comes to PVC windows, 41, to be exact. Because that’s how many colors and wood decor surfaces you can choose from for your customized PVC windows from UNILUX. Find out what color works best.

  • Standard white color PVC windows
  • An additional 40 different color and wood decor surfaces to customize your PVC windows
Variety of shapes

Things don’t always have to be right-angled

When it comes to shapes, there are practically no limits to our wood & aluminum windows. Triangular or round window? Segment or a round arch? Your UNILUX retail partner will show you what is possible.

UNILUX also offers a large selection of muntin bars. Muntin bars are the visual icing on the cake of a window. They have a style-defining effect, in that they give a house an additional, individual touch. Our range includes four different lines – the right muntin bar for every taste: