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Window replacement in an old building –
What are the reasons, and the possibilities?

Improve your energy efficiency by replacing the windows in your old building

In the course of the restoration of an old building, windows are a good way of preparing yourself for the future. If done correctly, a window replacement in an old building will significantly improve the thermal insulation of the structure.

Instead of drafts, you will then have warm air with lower energy consumption. But good planning is a prerequisite! Our Advice Guide will give you information and tips on the best way to change the windows in an old building.

What do you have to consider with new windows in an old building?

As long as you achieve significant energy savings by replacing the windows in an old building, the effort is worth it. Windows have different properties. Pre-1995 models often have poor thermal insulation. If necessary, contact an energy consultant, who will determine the thermal insulation value (U-value) of your windows for you.

If your U-value is above two, it is worth replacing the windows in your old building. New windows will significantly improve the insulation. You will normally save several hundred euro annually.

If you are in the process of optimizing the energy efficiency of the building, spare a thought for the doors as well. Replacing the entrance door in your old building will also help optimize thermal insulation.

Do new windows increase the risk of mold?

Replacing windows in an old building requires a certain degree of caution. Well-sealed windows will prevent the flow of air. Air humidity will increase, and condense on uninsulated walls.

The thermal insulation value of your window should therefore be lower than that of the wall. It is often necessary to first insulate the façade before proceeding to replace the windows in an old building.

An energy consultant will review the situation on-site with you and provide you with comprehensive advice.

What windows are suitable for an old building?

A wide range of options are available to you when choosing your windows. The glazing sits in a window frame that can be designed in a variety of ways. Choose from materials including wood or aluminum, and from different colors. The restoration gives you new design freedom to alter the look of your old building.

A classic option is wooden windows that maintain the old-building charm of your property. If you also want to make your old building particularly weatherproof, use wood & aluminum windows. When installing windows in an old building, you can also carry out updates at the same time. For example, install privacy protection or ensure increased intruder protection with a solid door.

The windows that you choose will depend on your personal wishes. With a window replacement in an old building, you will improve energy efficiency, soundproofing and often the aesthetics too. If your home is listed as a monument, you are required to observe special requirements set forth by the Monument Protection Authority.

Start with implementation

At UNILUX, we are experienced window manufacturers who will be happy to help you with replacing the windows of your old building. A professional window installation is crucial, particularly in older buildings. This is because an airtight window connection joint must be ensured in accordance with the Building Energy Act. The installation must be performed by a specialist working in accordance with the latest regulations.

The costs cover the materials, the glazing and the personnel costs for installing the windows.

You will receive an individual quotation during a personal discussion with our UNILUX specialist partner. Professional consultants will give you more information about the different window solutions, and answer all of your questions.