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Windows and doors from UNILUX: our products will convince you

Stylish design and high quality

UNILUX is your reliable partner and producer when it comes to window and door solutions. In line with our philosophy, we combine quality with an attractive design. The latter incorporate powerful characteristics such as security standards, soundproofing and weatherproof materials. We have tailor-made ideas specifically for your project!

The design also plays an important role, which means that our doors and windows also visually enhance your building. Experience high-quality products from UNILUX now!

Five product categories to meet the highest requirements

Our windows – Experience a wide range of tailor-made possibilities

Windows make living spaces more comfortable. They allow pleasant sunshine in, and keep the rain, snow, cold and noise outside. Our modern constructions are real all-rounders that also help to save energy and protect you from break-ins. We offer four window types in every imaginable size:

  • Wood & aluminum
  • Wood
  • PVC
  • and PVC & aluminum

In addition to offering desirable features, our windows are also surefire winners in terms of their aesthetics, thanks to their timeless design. Our popular wood & aluminum windows have a stylish wooden surface on the inside, while the outside is made of robust aluminum. Choose the color and a model that you want in order to find a style that fits your architecture to a tee.

Our entrance doors – functional and good looking

Our front doors are real eye-catchers which will guide visitors to your entrance. They are gateways to the outside world that separate your private and public lives. They also incorporate functionality to increase the energy efficiency of a building and protect its residents from the weather and break-ins. Our entrance doors also form a barrier against street noise and loud neighbors.

Discover UNILUX doors made from wood, aluminum, PVC or a combination of wood & aluminum now. Choose a door that offers high levels of protection and is also visually inviting.

Modern glass façades – to ensure a friendly atmosphere

One thing is clear: Light-flooded rooms enhance living spaces as well as offices. Because more daylight will always lift your spirits! Glass walls are becoming increasingly popular, and when the property location allows it, they offer breathtaking views. Residents are more in contact with the natural play of light and shadow, which creates a beautiful ambience and a real atmosphere of well-being.

The key to achieving breathtaking architecture is floor-to-ceiling, large-scale windows with minimal support struts. We offer you a range of different solutions, such as OpenView incorporating invisible insulation. Together with us, you can achieve a modern architectural style that catches everyone’s eye!

Our large variety of balcony and patio doors

Open, fold or slide? Our products can do it all! From a standard balcony door to meter-long slide-and-fold systems: When it comes to balcony and patio doors, a suitable model is available to meet every need. Different types of construction give you the scope to design bespoke façades. You get a range of variants from us, such as the "JumboLine glass doors with a height of up to three meters.

All you have to do is stipulate the dimensions, color and type of your balcony and patio doors – We provide you with high-quality, well thought-out solutions. Floor-level transitions are wheelchair friendly and at the same time create a very harmonious visual impression.

Useful extras: roller shutters, external Venetian blinds and insect screen

We offer you additional practical accessories that enhance our products wonderfully. If the sunlight is dazzling you, or you want an undisturbed night’s rest, we recommend that you take a look at our roller shutters or our external Venetian blind solutions. The external Venetian blind slats are easy to control, so that residents can adjust the light penetration as they wish. Insect screen systems and other accessories are also available.

Let a specialist dealer advise you directly!

There is a UNILUX specialist partner in your area who will give you comprehensive advice on the individual products. Furthermore, our regional contact person will be happy to take on any potential order or the installation at your construction site.