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Window renovation –
how to get it right

Renovating your windows in order to optimize your living comfort

If you still have old windows installed, a window renovation is worthwhile. This is because today’s soundproofing and intruder protection or insulation standards are higher than 10 or 20 years ago. A window renovation not only saves you money, but also means an increase in your quality of life at the same time.

If you completely replace your windows, the work can be carried out without too much trouble and mess thanks to UNILUX renovation frames. New plastering or wallpapering is not necessary. Find out useful information on window renovations in our Advice Guide now!

When should you renovate your windows?

Many people wonder at what point a window renovation is actually necessary. Certain tell-tale clues will tell you, for example if your windows let strong drafts in. You will notice a leaky window because you will need to heat your house more. Your consumption will also gradually increase over the years if your thermal insulation is decreasing.

The paint peeling off a wooden window will be visible to the naked eye. Discoloration may become visible on a PVC window, indicating that the luminance of the frame is dulling. In addition, there may be scratches or broken edges, which further detract from its appearance. A PVC window frame will also warp over the years. This will make it significantly more difficult to open and close. If you discover problems with your windows, it may be time to renovate them.

Possible ways to renovate your windows

If you notice damage to your windows, you have an option:

  • Carry out minor cosmetic repairs
  • , or
  • Have your windows completely replaced.

Wooden models must often be repainted every couple of years. This is completely normal and is easy to do if you have the right color. Installing new seals or readjusting the casement will remedy any leaks, but only to a certain degree. Enhanced thermal insulation is only possible by a restoration or complete replacement of your windows.

What’s the point of replacing your windows?

The answer is the same as for devices and appliances: Over time, innovations emerge that optimize their features. It’s the same for window solutions. A well-known example is the number of glass panes. Where there was once only one, then two panes, today, a modern window has triple glazing. Windows are full of innovations and technology that is constantly being further developed, for example

  • Improved soundproofing so that street noise is significantly reduced
  • Optimal insulation so that you use less heating
  • An optimized energy balance so that you are not so hot in summer, and not so cold in winter
  • Modern aesthetics and refined designs, which increase overall well-being
  • Easier opening and closing for windows and
  • Smooth window frames with no crumbling of the paint

In many cases, it is advisable to replace older windows with new models. If you’re not sure if this makes sense in your case, we will of course be glad to advise you.

Fast and, above all, clean window replacement

With wood & aluminum windows, the replacement is done without having to clear the area. Thanks to the renovation frame, your furniture remains in place. Instead of breaking the window frame out of the masonry, we gently cut it out. This method is very tidy and fast.

Another thing to note: Entrance door renovations for a good overall impression

In a similar way to windows, doors can optimize the energy balance of your building. If you’re renovating your windows, it is advisable to think about renovating your entrance door at the same time. The same reasons for replacement apply here: improved intruder protection and better thermal insulation performance.

How much does a window restoration or a new door cost?

The costs of renovating a window or entrance door depend on certain factors, as there are different types of windows in a wide range of different sizes.

  • How many windows would you like to replace?
  • Do you also have a balcony or patio door, in addition to your entrance door?

This makes it rather difficult to give a flat rate, and this is why we recommend that you seek out competent, individual advice.

A UNILUX specialist partner in your area will provide you with professional help. On-site, a professional adviser will explain the individual possibilities to you and give you a cost calculation which includes installation.

In certain cases, state funding may even be available! Here too, we will explain to you whether this applies to your home, as part of a personal discussion.