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The restoration of your windows will save you money!

Reduce heating costs thanks to the restoration of your windows!

It’s as simple as that: A restoration of your windows is the key to saving a lot of energy. Reduce heating costs by up to 30 percent by replacing your old windows with new units.

We support you with your window restorations. Read our Advice Guide and find out the practical benefits of new windows, which windows are suitable, and how much an energy-minded restoration of your windows will cost.

Plenty of benefits for you:
an energy-minded restoration of your windows

The last few years have seen plenty of research into better sources of energy. The aim has been to develop new methods to generate energy in a highly efficient and environmentally friendly way. With an energy-minded restoration of your windows, you are taking a different, sustainable approach. You are taking the saying “energy conservation is the best energy source” to heart. This is because renovating your Windows simply means replacing your old windows with newer models that perform more effectively.

After all, windows are more than a pane of glass separating you from the outside world. They are also openings in your walls, through which heated air escapes. It is therefore very important to install glazing that also acts as thermal insulation. The warm air stays indoors, so that you use your heating less, and save plenty of energy. In addition, windows also act as barriers against loud noise and enhance intruder protection.

What are the benefits of new windows in an old building?

The benefits of a window restoration are particularly apparent in an old building, as the new windows noticeably improve its insulation properties. In winter, the cold air stays outside, and you use your heating less indoors. In summer, the opposite applies. The thermal insulation keeps rooms cooler longer.

New energy sources are more difficult to install in old buildings, so a window restoration is the simple solution. More on this subject: Windows in old buildings.

Why not also replace the windows during the restoration of your home

Building work makes a mess, so the simplest solution is to replace your windows when you are carrying out restoration work in your home. Replacement involves removing the complete window frame and replacing it with a new unit. If you are renovating, it makes sense to get all of this time-consuming work done at the same time. If you want to retrofit your roller shutters or renew your balcony or entrance doors, this is the perfect time to do it.

Of course, it is also possible to install windows in premises that are inhabited. Our experienced craftsmen will cover your furnishings and the floor with a protective film in order to prevent damage and soiling. With UNILUX, you can also benefit from our renovation frames.

With a wood & aluminum window, the frame can be cut out of the wall. The old frame then forms the foundation for the new frame.The benefit to you: The work generates little dust or dirt.

A restoration is possible with all window types!

In principle, all window types can be renovated and replaced with modern models. Window frames are made of PVC, wood, wood & aluminum or aluminum. There are subtle differences depending on the material, meaning that you will need to consider whether repair makes more sense than replacement.

Restoration of wooden windows

Wooden windows have to be painted at regular intervals. If the paint is peeling off, a window renovation is sufficient. Old windows shine like new with a new coat of paint.

If you want to improve your thermal insulation, you should try to replace your windows with a new model. This is particularly the case if it has been 20 - 30 years since your last window restoration. Maintenance is advisable for new windows, specifically to replace porous seals.

Restoration of aluminum and PVC windows

Aluminum and PVC windows are very robust and last a half century or more.

It is possible to only replace the glazing for cost reasons. However, this is only feasible with newer windows with a sufficiently stable frame. Changing the glazing will also give you better soundproofing in street-facing windows.

A complete replacement, including the frame, makes sense for older windows. The frame and glazing form an optimal whole, allowing you to benefit from new developments. You also have the option to change the look of your house with a replacement of this kind. You can change the material, color or dimensions as you wish.

At what time of year does a window restoration make sense?

The time of year does not play any significant role, as windows can be replaced all year round. The processing of the materials only becomes more difficult at very low temperatures, below freezing point. Installation is always possible, provided that it is not too cold, or in the middle of a raging snowstorm.

Restoration of your windows:
costs, funding and advice

The cost of a window restoration is usually between EUR 7,000 to 25,000. This figure can vary very widely, depending on the specific characteristics of the construction site. The price will depend on your requirements and on-site conditions.

The good news: The German Federal Office for Economic Affairs and Export Control (Bundesamt für Wirtschaft und Ausfuhrkontrolle - BAfA) is keen to support your contribution to climate protection. You can therefore apply for state funding for your window restoration. If a restoration reduces the energy consumption thanks to your windows and doors, the BAfA will pay you a subsidy of up to EUR 9,000.

Even if the costs appear high at first, your window restoration will pay for itself very quickly thanks to the savings in energy costs. By the way: Modern window solutions increase the quality of life, as a more pleasant environment is created in the indoor area depending on the material used, e.g., wood.

A UNILUX specialist partner in your area will give you comprehensive advice and prepare a personal quotation for your window project should you want one. Once you place an order, a professional installation will proceed, and you can also request an annual maintenance after the restoration.