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Energy savings with
new windows

Save on heating costs by installing new windows

Saving energy is easy with the right windows. Modern windows are many times better than windows 15 years ago in terms of their thermal insulation. Replacing your old windows will save you enormous energy costs, which means that you are also acting sustainably.

Your investment will pay off after a few years, and you can save money for other things. Take a look at our Advice Guide to see how energy savings with new windows works.

Why replacing a window helps you save

Homeowners are currently asking themselves what benefits a new window will bring them. Windows are a way of sealing the building envelope so that barely any heat escapes. If the heat stays inside, you will need to heat less. New windows therefore enable you to achieve energy savings, since you reduce heat loss as much as possible. The beneficial thermal insulation is the main reason why many people replace their windows.

By the way: You can also improve the energy loss at your entrance door. Replacing your entrance door and saving energy is a simple way to reduce your costs.

Sometimes, there are even more reasons for replacing your windows. Just as sun protection or privacy protection increases your living comfort, modern windows enhance your quality of life. In addition, you effectively prevent drafts and increase soundproofing and intruder protection. Even a work desk right by a window overlooking a busy street becomes attractive once again.

How much energy will you save with new windows?

You can quickly calculate the difference using our Savings Calculator. You will need to know the thermal insulation value of your window for the calculation. The thermal insulation value (U-value) tells you how much heat your window allows to escape to the outside world. The lower the value is on a new window, the higher the energy saved with a window replacement.

Good energy-saving windows with triple glazing have a U-value of 0.5 to 1.1. For older models with double glazing, this figure is 2 to 3. Single glazing is a rarity today, because its thermal insulation is simply too low.

We recommend that you pay close attention to your U-value so that your energy savings with new windows are as high as possible.

Here’s a sample calculation: energy savings from windows

Let’s assume that your old windows are not really very energy efficient. The window insulation is low by today’s standards, so that the U-value is 3 W/m²K. You want high energy savings and replace a window surface of 25 square meters with modern windows with an insulation value of 0.8 W/m²K.

Your saving in the first year is approximately 518 liters of heating oil. An oil price of 160 cents/liter means that you save EUR 829 in the first year. Added to this are your CO savings and your excellent contribution to protecting the environment. A similar effect is achieved with gas heating, where you save a corresponding number of kilowatts per hour (kWh).

This is a sample calculation. Different values are possible, depending on the type of window and the thermal insulation glass installed. However, you can see that replacing windows is worthwhile, particularly with windows with higher U-values.

With high energy prices, the investment pays for itself in as little as 15 years, more or less. Modern windows are often robust and have a long lifespan of 25 - 30 years. This means that you benefit financially from the energy savings provided by new windows over a longer period of time.

Window restoration: do it now!

Before you start to save energy with new windows, it makes sense to seek out professional advice. Our UNILUX specialist partners in your area can explain our current window solutions and their U-values.

We have been producing high-quality, innovative windows from different materials for decades. Our range includes windows, glass façades and doors that will help you save a lot of energy.

Take the first step and save on heating costs, by talking to us or our UNILUX specialist partners.