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Improve the security of your windows and doors

The best intruder protection for your home

You want to feel safe inside your own home. The weak points of a house are its doors and windows, that burglars pry open. Well thought-out measures help you to increase the security of your windows and doors.

Make breaking in harder, to prevent theft. Find out informative facts in our Advice Guide about effective intruder protection for windows and doors.

How high is the security of my windows and doors?

Window security is quantified in security classes. The break-in resistance of a window or door is verified in accordance with the DIN EN 1627 standard. This is classified into eight resistance classes – “RC” for short.

RC 1 to RC 3 are recommended for private use. Higher protection classes are only usually required for business.

A resistance class provides protection against intruders. Only burglars who have sufficient time and the right tools will get into your house.

This security is not available with many older windows. A burglary is therefore possible in a few short seconds. In view of this, it makes sense to retrofit special security systems for windows and doors.

Securing windows against break-ins – here’s how it works

Most burglars are opportunists. They work usually quickly and without a plan, and attempt to break in through a window in a few short minutes. If they are unsuccessful, they quickly give up. Your aim is therefore to make breaking in harder, so that all break-in attempts come to an end after a few minutes. There are several ways to protect yourself from break-ins.

Additional window security – installing fittings

The best window security includes window fittings. “Mushroom head locking bolts” prevent prying open from the outside. Your window will be fitted with a different number of bolt fittings, depending on its security class. The first class, RC 1 N, requires four mushroom head bolts in accordance with the DIN EN 1627 standard.

Older windows only have simple window fittings that offer little protection. A specialist company can install appropriate mushroom head locking bolts. Alternatively, we recommend a complete window replacement.

Additional window security includes technical solutions such as a glass breakage detector. An alarm goes off as soon as anyone tampers with the window. Anti-drill protection systems, additional locks or precautions that strengthen the hinges are also practical.

Replace your window handles to improve window security

You lock your entrance doors, but do you also lock your windows? Special window handles for burglary protection are available on the market. When you buy one, you get a lock, and a key to lock it. Even if the burglar grasps hold of the handle through the seal or the glazing, the lock will prevent them from opening the window.

This is a solution that can be rapidly implemented in order to increase the security of your windows. It is important to lock the windows next to the door, and also not to leave the key in the lock. Similarly, don’t leave windows open!

Retrofitting roller shutters and sun protection

When homeowners are on vacation, they usually pull down the roller shutters. This simple trick is a great way to annoy burglars. Please note that built-in standard models pose only a minor challenge to a burglar. Reinforced roller shutters and privacy protection systems made from metal are a better option. In particular, there are models with roller locking. Appropriate special security systems for windows and doors are easy to retrofit.

Window grilles for cellar windows can provide a similar effect.Cellar windows are easier to access, but a window grille makes it very difficult for burglars to get in.

Inserting a break-in resistant window

You might think that most burglars simply break the window. If you look at crime statistics, however, a completely different picture emerges. Very few thieves break the glass, because of the fear of noise and injury. Nevertheless, it can make sense to think about burglar resistant glazing, for example:

  • Impact-resistant glazing
  • Laminated safety glass (VSG), also simply known as “safety glass

In both of these types of glass, there is a PVB film between the panes. The film prevents the glass from breaking, and makes it much harder to destroy the glass.

By the way: Single-pane safety glass (ESG) or fall-proof glazing (TRAV) is primarily used to prevent injury.

It is best to replace the glazing in order to increase the window security. Alternatively, you can apply an intruder protection film. This is a film that is applied to an existing pane of glass. This installation must be done very carefully in order to achieve increased protection against break-ins.

We advise you on security
for your windows

Do you need support or have questions about window security? UNILUX has been producing high-quality windows and doors for decades and is therefore also very concerned with security. Regardless of whether you need burglar protection for a PVC patio door, for wood & aluminum entrance doors or glazing systems, we will be happy to advise you about the different options.

A specialist company can quickly retrofit security technology for windows and doors. Find a contact person in your area here: