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Modern window handles – Discover the large variety!

Designs to fall in love with, functions to marvel at

Make an interior design statement with our modern window handles! Carefully selected, the appropriate handle completes the ensemble: Window plus handle. It’s a little extra with a significant effect, a focal point that catches the eye, and which at the same time performs a crucial function: it opens and closes the window.

Our range contains the window handle you are looking for – be it an important spare part for your existing windows or to be chosen for your new windows.

Modern window handles for all kinds of window and to suit every taste!

A modern window handle ideally forms a harmonious whole together with the window. This masterpiece is achieved by coordinating the shape, aesthetics, dimensions and materials. At UNILUX, this is easily done, as you can find the right window handle in a modern style for every kind of window:

  • Window handles for wooden windows
  • Window handles for wood & aluminum windows
  • Window handles for PVC windows

From elegant
to simple

The window handle design

The window handles that we offer differ in terms of their shape, color and functional properties. You have a choice of different colors including white, silver, black, bronze or brass.

A tip from us: Ensuring that the window frame is the same color as the handle will create a uniform look. If you prefer a bit of extravagance and want to emphasize your modern window handles, you can create a color contrast.

In terms of shape, you have plenty of choice: From rounded or curved to angular. Come to us to discover attractive designs that all look good. In addition, our constructions, such as robust door fittings, fit flawlessly in your hand, making them easy to operate. In terms of security, you can choose from lockable window handles, push-button or standard-design models.

What modern window handles are available?

The standard

The all-rounder for all purposes

A simple design, used to open and close a window. This basic function can readily be found with no additional extras. The window handle is suitable for wooden windows, wood & aluminum windows or PVC elements. This simple function can be used anywhere where there are no particular security requirements.

Lockable window handle

Increases security

A lockable window handle represents an additional function. This comes with a lock that can be locked with a key, just like a door lock. This very useful feature provides increased security, primarily for children’s rooms and elevated windows.

This variant is also often seen in public buildings such as schools. The key can be removed, so that only the person responsible can open or lock the window. And just as importantly: the closed window makes attempted break-ins more difficult.

Window handles with push-button

An alternative to a lockable window handle is a handle with push-button. Instead of turning a key, you press the button to open the window. The button acts as a safety function. This simple obstacle is often all that is needed to stop a small child from opening the window.

Are window handles standardized?

A window handle may sometimes require replacement. Replacing this is very simple, however, as modern window handles are standardized. There are two screws below the bezel on the shaft of the handle. Simply loosen these to install the new handle.

Benefit from our wide range of window handles now!

Would you like to buy a new window, and choose the right modern window handle for you? Are you looking for a spare part for a window? Our specialist partners will be happy to advise you. Find a project partner in your area here: