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Modern windows from UNILUX are real all-rounders

New standards in terms of energy efficiency, security and soundproofing

Windows from UNILUX:
quality handmade by experts

A modern window must do quite a lot: It must capture the light during the different seasons, but must defend against their foibles – storms, rain, the cold. It must provide an opening to the outside world, but keep its hubbub out. It should turn heads, but turn away burglars.

Windows from UNILUX master this balancing act perfectly. They set new standards in terms of energy efficiency, security and soundproofing – and of course in every possible design. Whether they are intended for a house or apartment, as a sliding window, floor-to-ceiling window or classic bottom-hung window: Our modern windows are sure to impress with their expert quality – see for yourself right now!

Your dream window
in different variations

For our windows, we insist on high-quality materials with the best workmanship. We offer windows made from wood, wood & aluminum, PVC or PVC & aluminum. This means that we can offer you the ideal window frame for your project.

High-quality processed wooden windows

Whether you are looking for rustic or smooth: With our masterly wooden windows you are choosing a comfortable product that sets new standards. Choose from high-quality pine, larch or exotic woods, which blend in perfectly with the design of your house or apartment thanks to the matching RAL colors and a UV-protective glaze.

Wood & aluminum windows: comforting and robust

Wood & aluminum windows from UNILUX are characterized by their sense of comfort and durability. Here, the high-quality wood ensures a pleasant and soothing ambience, while the aluminum takes care of any harsh weather. The particularly robust and durable windows ensure maximum protection against noise and uninvited guests. In addition, you are putting your trust in a product that ensures your home is warm and comfortable thanks to its tremendous energy efficiency.

PVC & aluminum windows in perfection

If you are looking for a window that combines aesthetics with robustness, look no further than our PVC & aluminum windows. The high-quality aluminum shell withstands the wind and weather, and at the same time is also an elegant design solution. The steel-reinforced PVC ensures that the window frame is dimensionally stable and durable. With PVC windows from UNILUX, you are choosing a product handmade by experts – straight from the factory.

PVC windows: particularly durable

Our PVC windows are real all-rounders: great insulation values, excellent dimensional stability and maximum security are the hallmarks of these windows. The weatherproof PVC ensures that you can enjoy our windows for as long as possible.

The best bit: You take it easy on your wallet, without having to forego proven UNILUX quality.

Triple-glazing windows

Our triple glazing for windows are impressive thanks to their solid construction and excellent noise protection. Thanks to our soundproof glazing, we are able to achieve a soundproofing value of up to 46 decibels.

This is how we guarantee that your warm home remains comfortable, and a place for rest and relaxation.

Windows from UNILUX with optimal thermal insulation

Windows from UNILUX are real energy savers and are characterized by their outstanding thermal insulation values. Choose from our “KlimaTherm“, “PrimaTherm“ or “SupraTherm“ CH glazing: actually, these names no longer exist since August 2019, as they are now better known as KlimaTherm, PrimaTherm, and SupraTherm. They improve thermal insulation by up to 83 percent and reduce your energy consumption many times over. Both your wallet and the environment will thank you for this.

Windows with the highest level of security

We want you to be warm and safe in your home. To ensure this, we focus on intelligent security solutions that do what they say they will. High-quality 4-corner mushroom-head locking makes it much more difficult to pry open our windows. Almost all of our windows are also tested to Security Class RC2/RC2  N. Our SAFE packages offer just the right customized safety package for you. We secure your home based on your needs. This is how we guarantee maximum security.

Our windows come in different colors and designs

Our high-quality windows are available in different types of wood and in all standard RAL colors. In this way, you can perfectly match your windows to the design of your house or apartment. Discover UNILUX’s variety and choose from an extensive range that satisfies the most stringent of requirements. We set new standards and offer limitless possibilities.

Roller shutters, external Venetian blinds and insect screens: accessories from UNILUX

For additional protection against the wind and weather and the necessary level of privacy, we can fit your windows with our high-quality roller shutter systems and external Venetian blinds upon request. In this way, you can decide yourself when and how much light you want to allow into your four walls. The lights are on, you would like to have a little fresh air, but don't feel like having insects in the house? Then our insect screens are what you are looking for. Whether as a roller blind already installed in the roller shutter casing or as a flexible clamp-on frame: We of course do it the way you want it.

Window handles: aesthetically pleasing and safe

Combine your dream windows with first-class, versatile window handles. You are sure to find the ideal handle in our range, the design of which blends with the aesthetics of your windows while also providing an impressive level of security. You can lock the handle with the press of a button to stop uninvited guests in their tracks. When combined with our mushroom-head locks, we guarantee you the greatest possible security and intruder protection.

The advantages at a glance

  • Energy-efficient
  • Safe and robust
  • Weather-resistant and durable
  • Aesthetically pleasing design choices
  • Versatile accessories
  • Tailor-made and custom-manufactured

Discover the unique variety of UNILUX products

Discover the masterly UNILUX range. You are guaranteed to find the windows to suit your project and you right here. Visit one of our exhibitions or find one of our specialist partners in your area. We or one of our partners will be glad to help you with any questions, desires or suggestions. Of course we can also provide tailor-made windows – handmade by experts.