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Comfortable on the inside and robust on the outside: the optimal wood & aluminum lift-and-slide door

Discover our lift-and-slide doors
made from wood and aluminum

Our lift-and-slide doors made from wood with an aluminum shell combine a cozy window frame on the inside, protective aluminum on the outside and a wide view of nature.With a width of up to ten meters and a maximum height up to three meters, your living room becomes a real veranda.

Discover the large variety of wood & aluminum lift-and-slide doors from UNILUX now!

Definition and advantages of a
wood & aluminum combination

A wood & aluminum lift-and-slide door comprises a wooden door with a weatherproof aluminum shell. The two materials offer the perfect symbiosis for a balcony or patio door.

The lift-and-slide system works in such a way that the window is first raised by moving the window handle before then sliding it. The sashes can be pushed back onto each other, so that a seven-meter wide window surface provides an opening of up to 4.47 m.

Highest-level security

Our sliding doors come as standard with extremely safe and durable security mechanisms that guarantee a high level of intruder protection. If you would like a little additional safety, we can offer our products with lock monitoring and an upgrade to Security Class RC2.

Maximum thermal insulation with UNILUX

Our lift-and-slide doors have excellent thermal insulation, which means that you can save significantly on heating costs and at the same time reduce your CO2 emissions. They also normally comprise a triple-pane insulation system. This ensures that the heat stays outside in the summer, and inside in the winter. Our insulating glass achieves an above average U-value (heat transfer coefficient) of 0.8 W/(m²K). The lower the U-value, the better the thermal insulation. This value is calculated using the glazing, the coefficient of the edge seal and the frame material.

Additional functions for your wood & aluminum lift-and-slide system

Equip your windows with additional features and accessories. In addition to an electric drive, we also offer a practical, high-quality insect screen for your wood & aluminum lift-and-slide doors. Depending on the model, this can also be ordered barrier-free upon request. This makes the transition between the living room and garden even smoother, even allowing flush sills.

Wood & aluminum lift-and-slide doors:
different opening types and designs available

Whether you want a single sliding sash or four is entirely up to you. You can also determine the number and size of the fixed sections yourself. You also have the option of making your own choice of wood: We offer larch, oak, pine and Eucalyptus Grandis. All of our woods can be ordered with different glaze colors. With aluminum, there are even 2100 different colors to choose from!

Let one of our specialist partners advise you on your dream lift-and-slide door. If necessary, they can also advise you on possible suitable wood & aluminum entrance doors.